Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amityville Horror

So today's movie is The Amityville Horror (the newer one with Ryan Reynolds). I had no intention of watching this today, but it was on Scifi and I was far too lazy to find something else. I actually like this movie a lot. It had its fair share of creepiness along with some suspenseful scenes. Also, it was the first movie that I realized that Ryan Reynolds was gorgeous and that I had a creepy obsession for beards.

So quick summary: A family finds a huge amazing house that was way below market value and decide to buy it to get a new start blah blah blah. After only a few days, they notice some weird shit going on and the stepfather starts going cray cray and hearing voices and such. Anyway, through the neighborhood library, Melissa George realizes that not only did the family that lived there before got murdered, but a guy in a fedora and trench coat used to torture Native Americans in the basement (gotta read that fine print).

So anyway, I think the movie is pretty good. I'm kind of a nerd and did some research on the house after I watched the movie. Though the legend of the house is true (guy killed his family and second family that moved in heard voices and moved out within 28 days), there isn't any proof of an Native American torture fun house and there is currently a family living there that has had no problems. I actually feel back because they had to change the name of the street that the house is located because so many weirdos were trying to come visit.

This is a photo I found that is said to have been taken of one of the ghosts who inhabit the house (http://www.angelsghosts.com/amityville_horror_ghost_picture). The house was checked out by two different paranormal investigators and they seemed to think that there might be entities in the home.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Blog Post

So I have another blog that I started for school and as much as I enjoy talking about how crazy men make me, I thought I should start a new blog and write about stuff that really matters to me. So I thought to my self, "What is one thing that I really enjoy?". Before I had a chance to answer (and mostly because I have a mild case of ADHD) I thought "I want to watch Lethal Weapon this weekend". So it hit me! I absolutely love movies more than other people and healthy human relationships. So I figure I will write about a movie a day (some I love and some I freaking despise). Every once and a while I will probably throw in some other dribble just because I feel like writing. I figure to add to the whole Julie and Julia effect, I'll probably force myself to watch a movie everyday so that I can have a fresh perspective on it.

Ok so I'm not going to lie to you. I totally didn't watch a movie today (mostly cause I just watched two hours of Dexter and I don't feel like watching another two hours of something else (ADHD). So let's talk about the very last movie I watched which happens to be one of my favssss. MATCHSTICK MEN is glorious. I know what you're thinking, "Isn't Nick Cage's crazy self in that movie?". I know that Nicki hasn't exactly been on his A game his whole career (Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, Drive Angry, Sorcerer's Apprentice). Let me just stop you there though. In this movie Nick is playing a guy with OCD and a few other mental illnesses and he is absolutely brilliant. You cannot honestly argue the point that Nick playing a crazy guy doesn't seem plausible, right? So besides that Sam Rockwell's fine ass is also in this movie and he is equally brilliant. By the way, if <-----that isn't the best picture of Nicholas Cage you've ever seen, than I don't know what is ...
So the premise of this movie is that Sam and Nick are con artists and Nick is starting to lose his shit and become a liability. If stuff didn't seem bad enough, Nick finds out that he knocked up his chick like 13 years ago and SURPRISE!, his daughter shows up and becomes a big part of his life. Nick is feeling so great being a dad that he sets up a huge score with Sam and everything gets messed up and IT's AMAZING.
First of all, if you know me, you know that I absolutely adore heist movies. They pretty define that one thing in my life that I'd love to do but I'd never be able too. SOO to make up for it, I watch other peeps do it instead. This could loosely fall under the heist category, but it is still a great premise and shows the mastery that comes from being a step ahead of everyone else.
Overall, if you love great twists or movies where Nick Cage threatens to beat someone until they piss blood, then this is the movie for you!!

By the way again, what the hell is this? Listen I respect the right to be an idiot as much as the next person but come on. I've literally done better picture alteration on Paint. At least make sure all the parts of the face are facing the same direction. He looks like Owen Wilson with that crooked ass nose. I know I am not the first to notice or mention this but it's a photograph! How could a vampire be in pictures and movies! UGH people are insane and they are bringing our name down with them. No wonder the Europeans think we're all fat idiots. Rant Complete.